About The Interbiz Game
Why Play Games?
"Games are a powerful mechanism because they reflect our true behavior".
"As a learning tool, games enable people to 'learn by doing.'"
"Very often, the learning process is such fun that we tend to forget that a key purpose of playing a game."
Robert Kiyosaki on RichDad.com
What is TIG
The Interbiz Game is an activity based, online business game designed to help IBO's grow their business. The gaming environment is modeled after the:
  • Pattern for Success and
  • The IBO Points of Success from
  • The Business Owner's Focus Board.
How does it work?
Teams of 8 IBOs are created by group leaders. Each team member is awarded points for actual business activities like listening to tapes and attending seminars. IBOs submit their activity on a daily basis and compete against different teams scored on a weekly basis to determine the top ranked teams within the Interbiz System.
After 8 weeks of division play, a 4 week playoff determines the TIG Championship team.
The game provides IBOs the opportunity to watch and learn from their top performing peers and grow their business based on various business building categories.
Statistical reports show IBOs exactly which activity levels need improvement in order to compete with top business performers.
In addition to growth, IBOs can also:
  1. Build virtual communities with their team members.
  2. Communicate with team members, ask for and share information, provide encouragement and support.
  3. Learn best practices from the top business builders on their team and from the top teams.

All teams strive for the common goal - to win the game!

Games are unique learning tools in business that provide users the ability to have fun while learning new skills and gaining practical business knowledge.
TIG is completely online, making it easy to access and use. Based on the popular concept of online fantasy sports games, TIG combines the ease and excitement of online gaming with real-life benefits and results in an IBO's business.
The strategic objective of the game is to make tasks that may be perceived to be difficult, fun and exciting. People are naturally attracted to activities that bring pleasure. By making these activities fun and part of a team event IBO's achieve beyond the potential that could be reached without the game.
What do TIG players say?
"I'm excited about everyone who has joined our team with such a tremendous spirit."
"I can picture myself on stage as the first ever 2006 Interbiz champions. We can win it all."
"I can already see that this is going to be a lot of fun, not to mention put a lot more emphasis on all of the items needed to build the business."
"The game is awesome, I have learned so many things it has been a fantastic experience and I will be playing again next season and the season after that."

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