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TheInterbizGame.com is proud to launch an exciting new season of fun, team building and business success.
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About the game
The Interbiz Game is designed to promote personal and professional growth and development in an atmosphere of friendly competition, team building and mutual support.

Team Standings

1. Andy Bradley
2. Marilyn Clayton
3. Gerald Schlarb

Individual Standings

1. Andy Bradley
2. Marilyn Clayton
3. Gerald Schlarb
It is designed to encourage and reward various business activities and to serve as a training system for business development. To learn more about TIG, click the About TIG on the link menu above.
How to play
TIG is patterned after the many popular online fantasy sports games that are available on the internet. Teams of 8 players each are formed by team captains who draft can the players they want. Team captains can set up as many teams as they want and players can play on as many teams as they wish. Teams play 7 weekly regular season games and 3 playoff games. Points are scored by entering business activities on a daily basis. We will have a Team Standings List and an Individual Listing.
To learn how the game works, go on a Guided Tour . This will launch a demonstration that will lead you through the registration process and show you just how easy it is to "Play Your Way to Wealth."

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